IT Security Monitoring, Penetration Tests, Secure (Web) Development

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IT-Security Monitoring

Every System connected to the internet faces attacks. The goal of Security Monitoring is to spot these in time to mitigate them and keep the system secure. From intusion detection systems to Webaplication firewalls, they all generate a lot alerts but only an experianced professional can decide on the severity of an specific alert.

High traffic and high security sites may want a security expert on call 24/7. I offer this service, please get in contact for details.

Penetration tests

A penetration test can be used to improve a systems security by having a security expert attack the system as if he was a bad guy. All found voulnarabilities will get reported to the customer and the developers are able to fix them. This is not a replacement for a security aware development process but can help to imporove the security of a system vastly.

Secure (Web) Development

You need help with either fixing vulnarabilities in your applications or a consultant to bring a more security aware development style into your team? Please contact me and we can talk about the details.

About Me

I am a Computer Science student in the last years at University. I have worked for 5 years at a Web Desingn & Development Agency and was responisble for implementing cutom features to Contenent Management systems and ECommerce Platforms. Including security sensitive parts like cresit card handling.

5 Years ago I left the company to work on more security related projects. By now I have 5 years of experiance with Monitoring and Penetration tests.

Contact - Impressum

Stefan Poggenpohl

Vereinsstra├če 21a
44225 Dortmund

Telefon: +49 176 21907474
E-Mail: info@poggenpohl-it.de

USt-IdNr: DE273123046

Please do not send me sensitive or security relevant data unencrypted.

You can call me any time and I will make sure to walk you through the setup of secure communication.